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This Is How Our Movie Experience Will Look like in 2028



This article is a part of the"Future of X" series: How technology will transform everyday objects


By Gaurav Nemade



Technology has transformed movie industry significantly in last 2 decades. Visual effects, music composition, and several other aspects have come together to create realistic experience of seeing Titanic drown, IronMan Fly and plastic objects look like Daenerys' Dragons. This pace of innovation will only increase with time.

So how exactly will the new wave of technology affect this entertaining experience of ours? Below I have shared how the movie industry could evolve in the next 10+ years.

1. IMAX Holo: Holographic Movies

Holographic Movies will have 3D real-world like projections right in front of the audience. The whole scene will be replicated in the 360 degree space of the movie hall, and, with the 100K color quality. It will seem (sur)real. Groups of 4-5 people will sit at the center a small room/cinema hall with their rotating seats stacked one above the other (think bunk beds for chairs).  

The first signs of this holographic technology are already here and, in the next decade, the industry will likely move towards aforementioned experience. It's not too far when we hear about IMAX Holo: the holographic movie experience by IMAX.

2. Fox Studios's "ScriptAI"

Artificial Intelligence system are getting smarter with each passing minute and are disrupting centuries old professions in a matter of few months. A major but gradual effect will also be on the movie industry. Soon, Fox Studios and others could invent (or partner with likes of Google AI teams) to generate a system that can produce scripts by studying the movie scripts of last several decades. The AI system knows the elements that humans like and every film will be a great hit. A system like this, that could be called, ScriptAI, is inevitable; its just a matter of time.

3. Engaged-Audience Experience

The next-generation movie experience will also give control and options to the users. For instance, the interactive experience could put you in protagonist's character multiple times. So you may have to either fly the plane or take the boat to save Katnis Aberdeen in the Hunger Games Engage version. The use of AI for script writing will enable multiple endings per different permutations. I find it very fascinating that my wife and I could encounter different ending for the same movie from our interactive cabins. The boundaries between movies and games will blur significantly, and more & more people will be attracted towards Engaged-Audience Experience.

These are how the movies of the future would look like. Please share your thoughts in comments.

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