1. AI Technologist: I am currently a Product Manager at Google AI with the mission of making machines more intelligent to help humans.


    2. Curious About Future: New & futuristic technologies excite me. One of my all time favorite course is "Think like a futurist" offered by Institute for the Future because it taught me how to actively think 5-10 years beyond.


    3. Podcast Host: I love to know about people's life stories. My questions about their experiences can go on & on (& on). So, I started The Unconventional Podcast as a medium to satiate my hunger.


    4. Sucker for New Experiences: I am always up for anything unique (may be even strange). Some of the past things that have enticed me - eating a live baby octopus (that moved in my mouth... yukk!), visiting a turtle hospital, & living out of an Indian Railways train for 2 weeks.


    5. Driven by Principles: I try to abide by these principles in life.

  • Work


    Feb 2013-Present

    Product Manager, Google AI

    Product Manager for 5 research groups with Google AI, leading efforts with 30+ researchers & engineers, and focussed on bringing the most cutting-edge AI technologies into Google products (many with 1Bn+ users).


    Publicly known available products & research technologies:


    Senior Analyst , Trust & Safety

    In the Trust & Safety team, my mission was to improve safety and security of Google users by keeping payment fraudsters at bay. As a Strategist, I employed data-driven investigations to understand fraud signatures and made risk ML models more robust.

    Novus Minds

    Dec 2011 - Jan 2013


    I co-founded this startup with a friend to build 'Stripe for India'. We started with 'Edubooks', which enabled educational institutions to accept online payments for course fees, food expenses, & library payments, and our plan was to expand to other verticals eventually. Unfortunately, I had to shut it down prematurely due to lack of funding. Some lessons I learned: Five Lessons from My Startup.


    Jul 2011-May 2012


    Served two of the world's top ten investment banks to sort complex business transactions during an M&A process. Part of the 7 member team that helped navigate $600Mn worth of assets during this M&A process.

  • Education

    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

    Roorkee (2007-2011)

    B.Tech, Computer Science & Engineering

    I spent awesome four years here. This place transformed me from a young hesitant boy to a confident, goal-oriented individual.


    I participated and enjoyed loads of leadership activities. Some of them were: (1) represented 5500 students on campus for 3 consecutive years as an student senator (2) led the 250 member student team to organize the Institute Cultural festival (3) served as Chief Student Advisor to the Dean (4) served as a member of Institute Soccer Team.

    Stanford University (Short Courses)

    Continuing Studies Program, Palo Alto

    Early Stage Investing (Summer 2019)

    This course has given me practical insights into startup investing right from evaluating startup teams, to performing due diligence, to becoming limited/managing partner in VC firms. Since then I have started looking for interesting startups in AI/ML space for Angel investing.


    Think Like a Futurist (Summer, 2017)

    This is one the best courses I have taken in my life. Taught by Jane Mcgonigal, a renowned game designer in Silicon Valley, this course instilled in me imaginative powers to think beyond next 5 years and see things before they become contemporary.


    Building the Most Lovable Product (Autumn, 2017)

    This was a design thinking like course which highlighted five crucial steps for product development. As the final assignment, I developed a product concept of an AI-enabled kitchen product to reduce food wastage in nuclear family homes.


    Creative Non-Fiction (Autumn, 2017)

    I enjoy writing memoirs and that was the inspiration to take this course. This was my first ever writing course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As the final assignment, I submitted a short memoir titled "Stories from Indian Childhood".

    UC Berkeley Extension

    Continuing Studies Program, Palo Alto

    Psychology of Personality (Winter, 2018)

    Understanding human personality and evaluating individualistic traits amongst the people excites me. This course helped me get a scientific understanding of the area by introducing me to personality theories by renowned psychologists such as Freud, Adler and more. The course certainly satiated my desire to understand the field in depth.

  • Books I love (& Recommend)


    • Crucial Conversations: This book has possibly had the most impact on my life and I highly recommend it to everyone. We often tend to do the worst during the most important moments primary because of our monkey brains activates the "fight" or "flight" response when we are stressed. The book teaches us how to take a step back and focus on what matters the most.

    • Dale Carnegie books : (i) How to Win Friends and Influence People (ii) How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Both books have terrible titles but nonetheless, very useful even decades after they were written. The latter is relatively less known, but I highly recommend it.

    • Switch: One of the books I highly recommend. It's about how to bring change in any situation and setting (organizational, government, family). 

    Product Management

    • Lean Startup: This book is a must read for anyone building products in a large organization or a startup. The ideas in this book have changed my approach to product development more significantly than any other book or learning resource.

    • Measure What Matters: OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) can seemed simple to me, until I read this book. I now obsess over them as coming up with the most OKRs is one of the hardest thing for a PM & leaders.

    • Sprint: Amazing first-hand stories and insights of how a 5 day exercise changed the course of some of the top startups of our times.



    Other than the ones mentioned in the first line of this site, I highly recommend the following:

    • When Breath Becomes Air: fascinating book about life, death and meaning. Beware about the tears that will roll down your eyes when you finish this book.
    • Educated : fascinating & inspiring memoir by Tara Westover on going from no schooling to getting a PhD in one of the elite schools in the world.
    • May be You Should Talk to Someone: This is my new favorite book as it combines two aspects that intrigue me a lot - psychology and human stories. Written by Lori Gottlieb, a psychotherapist, this is a fascinating memoir about how she helped her patients and how she herself gets help from another therapist.


    • Ready Player One: Captures imagination by demonstrating how a world full of virtual reality might function (pro-tip: don’t ever watch the movie - they’ve just made a mess of one of the most amazing fiction books ever)

    • Shantaram: Someone said that this book is a piece of art, and I agree with that. Inspired by real life story of a Australian prisoner who escapes and ends up working for Bombay mafia. Stunning piece of work with amazing scenery, great characters, and thought provoking storyline.



    Co-host of a Podcast.